Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Happenings

We had a great, mostly lazy, Labor Day weekend!

Friday night was St. Joseph High School's first home football game and the first home football game since I was deemed President of the Booster Board.  So... of course we went!   I knew it would be cold so I was appropriately dressed in like 3 layers of clothes plus my St. Joe's Parka which goes all the way down past my knees.  It's all about being prepared people. I know that everyone thinks California is warm but let me tell you, once the sun goes down it's freakin freezing around here.  So..... as I was saying... I was prepared.  I told Young Lee it was going to be cold and that he needed to put on his jeans and wear a warm jacket.  Of course he wouldn't listen to me (big surprise?).  He wore his shorts and flip flops and a thin jacket. I tried to tell him and John even said something to him but he just walked out to the car.  Me, being the concerned mum, brought along a blanket just in case.

We went to the game and Young Lee insisted on sitting with John & me, although we were in the dreaded "parents section".   The kid is not social at all...... I tried to get him to go sit with all of the other kids but it was a no-go.  So he sat next to John.   He had never seen football before in his 18 years of existence until coming to our house and he has been studying it pretty hard.  He got into the game and was clapping and cheering and standing up at appropriate times and everything.  I think I even saw a smile!   I noticed his skinny little legs turning blue, shivering, and covered with goosebumps so I got the blanket and handed it to him and told him to use it for his legs if he was cold. I swear this kid is never going to follow my advice.  He put the blanket next to him on the bleachers and kept on with the shivering and goosebumps. Whatever.  I provided all the necessary guideance and opportunities for him to get warm, right? So why was I so worried about it? I don't know but John told me to let it go and let him freeze if he wanted to becauase he had the blanket right next to him and knew he could use it if he needed to.  Ok, I gave up and went on my way checking on the volunteers and stopping by the snack bar to do my presidential "how's it going, thanks for coming to volunteer tonight" kind of stuff.  I bought Young Lee a snickers bar so his body can have some more calories to burn off with all of the shivering.   SJ won the game by like 40 points, so it was a great home opener :)

Saturday was a pretty lazy day in the morning.  We just kind of hung out and did pretty much nothing most of the day.  Young Lee ran around in the silk pajamas all day long - this time the second pair of silk pajamas came out, these ones are pink, but at least have pants instead of short shorts.  I didn't mention the pajamas to him, see I am getting better....

John & I went to a wedding and I told Young a list of several things that he could have for dinner.  I'm sure he probably just ate a cup of noodles because that seems to be his "go to" food, but he had about 4 choices of already easy made things to choose from.  Once again, I can't worry about it, the boy is 18 years old (gotta keep telling myself that).

Scott Cox & Casandra Young are our friends who got married. Everything was absolutely beautiful and we had a great time with friends.  There were so many people that I knew there and people I hadn't seen since high school  (got to visit with Doug Cox for a while! Great seeing him and meet his wife and kids!).

Here is a picture of Fran, Me, John, Dolores, & David at the wedding:

 And another pic of us girls with the beautiful bride :)

Sunday was another lazy day.  Young spent pretty much the entire day in his room on his computer.  As usual.   On Sunday evening John decided to go to the Santa Maria Speedway to watch the races.  He took Young Lee with him. I once again told Young Lee to go put on his jeans and tennis shoes and wear really warm clothes because it would be very cold at the races.  He came out again in flip flops and shorts. FINALLY John stepped in and told him that he needed to go change and wear long pants and socks with tennis shoes and a warm shirt and jacket.  He said "ok, ok" and didn't look too happy, but he went and changed into sweat pants, tennis shoes, and his thin jacket.  Once again, on the way out the door I grabbed a hoodie and told John to make Young put it on because he would be absolutely frozen without it.  John took it but just shrugged his shoulders as if to say "I'll tell him but you know he isn't going to wear it".  Again, Whatever, right? He freezes then it's not on me because I tried... once again.

The boys had fun at the races. John said that Young took tons of pictures.

John and Young dived into greasy racetrack food and woofed down some chili cheese fries. I wonder how his stomach was after that experience?

Of course Young Lee did not wear the sweatshirt that I sent for him and yes, he froze again. Duh.  I think maybe he isn't used to following directions given by females? Or maybe he is a little stubborn like most other males in my life?  I'm not sure.  But...... I'm learning really fast that I will give him what I deem is good guidance and support and he can either choose to follow my advice or he will suffer from the natural consequences (i.e. not wearing warm clothing will cause you to freeze).

Despite the cold, the boys had a great time at the races.

Monday was Labor Day and there was absolutely no labor going on at our house. John and I watched movies and Young did what he always does,  hung out in his room with his computer.

This coming Sunday is my birthday and we may venture down to Venice Beach, Hollywood, Universal Studios or Magic Mountain.  Young said that Magic Mountain sounds "boring" to him so we may be going without him.  Who knows? This sitting in the room for hours and hours upon end, obsessed with the World of Warcraft game has got to change. I've gotta get this boy out to be more social!!  It's my life goal right now...poor kid....lol

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