Sunday, September 23, 2012


So we have had a few pretty insane weeks and I haven't blogged at all. I suck at writing when I'm overloaded and stressed. So sorry, I'll try to do better. Key word there is "try"....

So lets start with my brilliant plan of all time.  See, it was the 7th of September and my birthday was on the 9th.  I was sitting at my computer and trying to figure out what John and I should do for my birthday.  I was thinking "well, we are totally broke but who cares, let's go do something" (when did being broke ever stop us, right?)  so I priced a quick jaunt to Vegas, a weekend in Monterey, and a weekend in San Diego.   All of those things would take at least a few hundred bucks, and Vegas even more.  So right as I was trying to figure out who lives close to any of those places and would let us crash on their floor or couch for a couple nights, out of nowhere an American Airlines ad pops up on the screen that says "Flight Price Drop: Albuquerque to Santa Barbara for only $107 each way".  My brain went into overdrive and before I had time to think of what I was doing, I was calling my step son Jonathan who lives in Albuquerque and asking him if he wanted to come visit and surprise his dad.  Jon was in.  I honestly couldn't think of anything more than I would want for my birthday than to see my husband surprised with a visit from Jon. I mean it, honestly.  It's been two years since we've seen Jon and John talks about how much he misses Jon on a daily basis.  (Are you keeping up with the Jon & John lingo? Jon = son  and John = hubby).

Anyways, I booked the ticket for the following Saturday.  OMG I kept wondering how I was going to keep this a secret because I totally suck at lying and at keeping exciting secrets.  But.. I did it! I told John that my friend Melissa was coming to visit and we would pick her up in Santa Barbara and then take her to Camarillo to his parents house and have a bbq down there for the day. John bought into it and then all I had to do was not blow it.  Phew.  I called Melissa and left her a message that went something like "um, I kind of involved you in a big ol lie but it's for a really good reason so I need you to just go along with it!". lol.  Melissa was game and thus the plan kept developing.  I almost slipped a few times but I made it thru the week. I even changed Jon's name in my phone so when he called me that morning it said "Melissa calling".  John was clueless. Everyone else in the world around me knew but John had no idea.

We went to the airport in Santa Barbara.  John was wandering off and he made me so nervous because he kept wanting to go all over the airport and here Jon was about to come down the escalator right in front of us! OMG!  Finally John saw his son and he was in shock and it was awesome. I was lucky enough to think ahead and had my phone ready so I captured the entire thing on video. I cried.   If you haven't seen the video yet I posted it on my facebook wall and will try to get it posted on here too.  John was so shocked he turned to me and said "what about your friend Melissa?"  to which I said "um, Melissa isn't coming, it was Jon the whole time". LOL  What a great surprise.

We headed down to Camarillo where we surprised Jordan as well.   Then I made everyone go outside so I could take some family pictures. They were overjoyed by the picture taking....ok not really, but that didn't stop me, I made them do it anyways.  John's parents have the best neighbors EVER and their neighbor Bill had his Model A Ford out and said we could take pictures in we all hopped in and got some great family pics.   It was all kind of a whirlwind and now I wish I would have gotten even more pics.... I thought Nacho was in the car too but he wasn't at one point, and Heather was MIA in the pics. So watch out FAMILY, next time I'm getting even more pics to make sure everyone is in them all :)  

It was AWESOME to have all of our kids and grandkids together for the day. It couldn't have been any better :) 


 Us with our kids and grandkids


 John and I with all of our kiddos

The pic above is our grandkids, Lily, Naveah, and Xavier.  Uncle Jordan gave Xavier the dollar bill he is holding in order to bribe Xavier to sit and take pictures. HAHAHAHA..that was great.

Our kids, Jon, Drew, Stefanie, and Jordan

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