Tuesday, August 14, 2012


We are still adjusting to Young and the differences in our cultures and he is adjusting to us and our customs.  There are a few main things that we need to work on over the next 10 months.

SOCIAL ADJUSTMENTS:   He continues to be very quiet.  I think he would be content in his bedroom watching videos on the computer, all day long, every day.  Last night John got him out of the bedroom to play basketball. John told me that the only awkward thing was that he went out in the driveway to play basketball in his silk pajamas.  John didn't want to embarrass him so he didn't mention the pajamas. I'm like..ummmm...you have to tell him! So this morning when he went outside to play basketball and Drew came in and asked me if I knew he was playing bball out front while wearing the silk pajamas.  I had to go tell him... so I sucked it up and told him that he should only wear the pajamas while in the house in his room when he is going to bed and he should wear his clothes out of the house and when he plays basketball. I'm not sure if he totally understood me or not but he hasn't had the pajamas on since this morning. That's a good thing.

FOOD:  Ok, so I taught him how to make Cup O Noodles for breakfast since he is used to having noodles in the mornings. Now I know it's high in sodium and I know it's not ideal, but com'on people, I'm trying here. He learned to make it himself and it's easy.  Most importantly he likes it.

Yesterday I thought we would try to make a sandwich in order to make sure he likes sandwiches for lunch when school starts.  I started out showing him how I make the sandwich with ham, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mustard.  He did great at first, he added the meat, cheese, and lettuce. I turned around to get something out of the refrigerator and when I turned back around he had added in some watermelon slices I had taken out to eat with the sandwich.  So ya...

He seemed to enjoy dinner last night: pork chops, broccoli, and rice. Most meals he takes the food and then goes quickly into his room to eat it.  Some meals we actually all sit together and eat at the table so when we do that I will have to make it clear.  Until then whatever works is good I suppose. As long as he eats and likes the food and gets full then I'm happy :)

Today was hamburgers for lunch. I showed him my hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and pickles. I put some baby carrots and cucumber slices on my plate NEXT to the burger.  He grabbed some lettuce and cucumber slices and put them on the burger.   At least he likes to eat healthy.

LAUNDRY:  Young wants to wash all of his clothes by hand.   The other day I tried to do his laundry in the washer and I thought I had confiscated all of it.  When I came out of the garage (aka laundry room) he had washed clothes and towels in the sink and hung them out in the backyard to dry. Yep...we need to work on that.

All in all I think the adjustments we are making are good and we just need to teach him about American culture.  As school starts I think things will get easier and easier.  He seems to loosen up a little bit around kids his own age.  I just want him to be happy and enjoy this experience.  I don't want to hurt his feelings or say anything wrong so I've let a few things go as he is adjusting to us..but as things present themselves I've got to speak up and teach him (like the pajama/basketball thing).

Wish me luck.... it's going to be 10 months of adjustments but I think we're up for it!

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