Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baby Steps...

Today Young stayed after school because I think he is joining the robotics club or something like that, at least that's what Drew told me.  Whatever,,,,, he is getting involved in stuff and that's great!
The best part, there are no pajamas being worn to play basketball today!! HOORAY!!! Of course thats probably because I confiscated them and threw them in the washing machine while he was at the robotics club, but hey, whatever works, right?

Oh ya, and earlier Young was on skype with someone in China and he was talking and talking and there is hope! He can talk!  And laugh!!!  Maybe it's just really that he isnt comfortable speaking English so he doesn't say anything to us? Maybe? 

I got Taco Bell tonight for dinner.  What can I say, I've been cooking a lot and doing very well but tonight I just had to make a run for the border.  I got Young Lee 2 tacos and a chicken burrito and he LOVED the tacos AND the burrito. SUCCESS! 

And.... best thing of all today, Young Lee actually spoke to me when he came home from school.  We carried on a few conversations today.  I am HAPPY, can you tell??   Baby Steps...Baby Steps...

I have been promising Drew a trip to the casino for months now and told him as soon as he turned 18 we would go. So John and I took him to the Chumash Casino and Young stayed home and hung out with the neighbor kid Adam.  Young told me that he was practicing his English speaking with Adam. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not but Young seemed very happy about it. When we left for the casino Adam was trying to explain the word "dude" to Young because Adam walked in and said "Hey dude, what's up?" and Young didn't understand.  I didn't hear the explanation of the word but I'm sure it was great.

At the casino I was only down just about $9.00 and happily playing my penny slot machine that I had been playing for the past hour when Drew came up and ruined whatever good slot machine mo-jo I had going on.  Plus, he said "go hard or go home mom" and hit the "MAX BET" on my machine and lost me $5.00 on that one spin.  Then the person next to me got up and he he saw his religion teacher Ms. E playing slots at the machine down one from me.  So he just had to sneak around and take a picture of her and I don't know why I thought it was so funny but I couldn't stop laughing. So I hit the "repeat bet" button because I wasn't paying attention and of course the last bet was a max bet (thanks to Drew) so I lost another $5.00 with that spin.  I ended up cashing out with a whopping $1.03 left in the machine.  Unfortunately I had already lost $20 before that. So that pretty much sucked.  Drew lost money and John lost $20 as well.   Now I totally remember why it's been over a year since we went to the casino!  I work too damn hard for my money to give it away, plus come home covered in a layer of smoke so bad that I have to take a shower before I go to bed and wash the smell out of my hair.   Drew said "I'm never going back there again, that sucked!".   Duh.

When we got home I finished drying the clothes for Young and I did not ruin the pajamas although yes the thought did cross my mind...but I could never do that..... so I returned the pajamas to him in good condition. And, we actually talked quite a bit about school and about lots of different things.
So today was a good day (except for the whole losing money at the casino thing)!  YAY!

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