Friday, August 24, 2012

Success and Happiness

Today I came home from work and Young Lee and I had a very good conversation!  He told me about his classes and about how it was difficult to follow the English teacher and take notes but there was another student who takes good notes and he talked to her and can get the notes that he missed (which seems like he missed pretty much everything).

Also, according to Young, in China very few people attend religious services. He does not attend church and knows nothing about God or church or anything.  Like NOTHING.   Obviously this means that his religion class is very difficult for him.  Sounds like all of the other kids here from China are the same way.  I think it's pretty awesome that he is here and will have an opportunity to learn about God!  Pretty cool.

PAJAMA UPDATE:   Young did not wear the pajamas today.  Of course I feel like this is due to me asking a very nice person to assist in pajama intervention.  THANK YOU!

So... Young is talking more, and is dressed properly, and smiling more as well. I think things are definitely getting better and I am looking forward to what is to come :)

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