Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lunch mystery somewhat solved...

In my last post I wondered if Young had been eating lunch at school because he had been coming home and eating like he had been starving for days.

I assumed that Young really liked the little bags of cheese-it's that I have been sending in his lunch.  I found them in the trash can in his room today, unopened... lol.  So I think rather than tell me he doesn't like something he just hides it in the trash.  I also found the little container of applesauce in the trash that I sent with him the first day of school.

Tomorrow I have given Drew the mission of finding out if Young actually really likes the sandwiches I've been sending or if he isn't eating those either! And the thing is, I asked Young if he liked the cheese-it's and he said yes!  I also asked him if he liked the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and he said yes to that too!  Great, I've probably been involuntarily and unknowingly starving the kid......

The other night we had chicken alfredo and Young ate it all but then last night Drew asked him if he wanted more of that and he told Drew that he didn't like it.  And do you think Drew volunteered that info to me?  Of course not.... I mentioned the chicken alfredo and that I think that Young liked it and that's when Drew informed me that he didn't.  I swear I need a hidden voice recorder to learn anything that goes on around this household.

Tonight we had Trader Joe's Orange Chicken and TJ's Chicken Fried Rice and TJ's Asian stir fry vegetables.  I didn't see any of that in the trash. Probably because he was so starving by dinnertime that he ate it even if he didn't like it.  Tomorrow I'll make some white rice because I know that he likes that, and I'll make some Teriyaki chicken (Trader Joe's) because who wouldn't like that, right?

Since Young's dad owns a very famous restaurant in China that is 4 stories tall and has over 100 employees, I think I have a lot to compete with cooking wise.  My culinary skills kind of begin and end at Trader Joe's frozen bags of food.  Ok, Ok I cook other stuff too but during the week when it's busy I'm all about Trader Joe's frozen foods. 

At least I feel confident that he can always make Cup O Noodles if he gets desperate. I taught him how to make that the first day and I've seen him make it since then. So he won't actually starve, I promise.

I think that Young figured out that having me do the laundry is much easier than him washing it by hand and drying it outside.  This is progress.  Tonight I did all of his laundry and he seemed very happy about that.

I'm not even going to talk pajamas tonight.  I decided to give it a rest for a little while.  So give me a couple days and I'll be talking pajamas again................

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