Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So....... I haven't used the blog really since I started it. I now have a Chinese exchange student and I figure now is as good of a time as any to start writing again and documenting some of this cultural experience.

Yang (we have renamed him Young) arrived last week on Friday, August 20th.  I was so excited to go pick him up and couldn't wait for him to arrive, it was like I was having a new baby. I know, rediculous, but that's kinda how it felt.

So upon seeing me he waves with a "hi mum!" and I think "awesome!".  The "hi mum" was the only thing he said the entire way home.  He rushed to his room to unpack and then presented us with awesome gifts and we presented him with some gifts as well.  It was a bit awkward but the first night was under our belts and I was sure we would talk more the next day when he wasn't so tired.

.... well, day 2 was quiet.  He spent most of the day in his room.  I kept going in and trying to talk to him but the boys (John, Drew, Nacho) told me to leave him alone. Sigh.....We went to the grocery store. I tried to find things he would like to eat. He said nothing looked familiar to him and I'm sure Food Maxx was a bit overwhelming.  We came back home and he took a long nap (major Jet Lag). Ramen noodles for lunch.   We had tri tip, chicken, beans, and rice for dinner and he ate a lot of meat and rice.

Day 3 still quiet and I notice he wears pajamas all the time.   I tried to convince him to purchase some more clothes for school but he said he doesn't need them.  Stef and I took him shopping with not much luck.  I bought him some clothes and shoes and gave them to him as a gift and I'm hoping he wears them.  The boys took him to see the new Bourne movie and to the mall.  I think he had a good time.  We had asada tacos for dinner and he liked them - either that or he was super hungry because he ate 3 of them.

He is very quiet and spends most of the day in his room.  He told me that he goes to a boarding school in China with 6 boys in his room, and school is 6 days per week, 6am to 10pm.  So he is in for a bit of culture shock and lots and lots of free time on his hands.  Hopefully he will adjust and get used to our customs :)

And the journey begins...

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