Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So I thought I had made great progress with the whole "wear your pajamas only in the house when you are going to sleep" advice I gave Young yesterday. Apparently I was mistaken.

He got home from his tour of the school, told me "school was boring" and changed into the silk pajamas.  Then he asked me to move the car so he could play basketball.  I headed him off at the gate that goes  out to the driveway and explained once again that he needed to change into his shorts and tshirt and not wear the pajamas out of the house to play basketball.  He kind of ignored me and kept walking. I moved the car and then again explained about the pajamas.  He said "in China it's ok to wear these because they are comfortable".  I attempted to explain that in the United States they are only worn for sleeping and not outside of the house.  He said "I have to change?"  I answered "Yes, you should change.  And people will look at you funny and it is not really ok to be out here in the pajamas".  He kept playing the pajamas.

It only took my mother a few minutes before she called me and said "I just saw Young outside your house playing basketball in his pajamas.  You should go tell him to change into other clothes".  

Um ya, thanks mom.

I got some basketball shorts for him and hopefully he will wear them.  I think the pajamas to him are like us coming home and changing into sweatpants.

For those of you who think I'm being too harsh  I understand it's a cultural difference and in the grand scheme of things it's not as important as a lot of things.  But...I have to say, I wouldn't let my kids outside to play basketball in their pajamas and he is one of my kids now. 

***  Someone sent me this article about how in 2010 city officials in Shanghai started a campaign to get Chinese people to quit wearing pajamas outside of the house.  Young is from a city near Shanghai.
(See, it's not just me) lol

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