Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catching up....and pajamas.....

I haven't posted for a couple days. That's because the past few days have been a little insane!

Young still keeps to himself most of the time. Drew tells me that they talk but I guess it's not when I'm around because I don't hear much talking at all going on.

When I leave for work in the mornings I am sure to give Drew his daily lecture "Make sure Young eats breakfast", "Make sure Young remembers to take his lunch", "Can you check and make sure Young is in proper dress code?" , etc. etc.   Drew continues to answer sarcastically to me and then takes care of things just like he would if I would not have reminded or lectured him about it. 

Let's start with breakfast............. Drew said that Young took two brownies and put them on a plate and was going to microwave them for breakfast.  Drew stopped him and said  something about "hold on, let's try something else". So Drew made waffles.  Just to clarify,  when I say that Drew "made" waffles, he didn't break out the belgian waffle maker or anything, he simply put Eggo's in the toaster.  Anyways, he made the waffles and had to get Young to wait until they were properly buttered and covered with syrup, then he let him loose on them.  Like me Drew says that Young either liked them or he was really hungry because he ate everything on the plate.

I've been packing lunch for Young but I'm not sure if he has been really eating it during lunchtime at school.  I ask him if he likes it but since he doesn't really talk to me very much I haven't gotten much of an answer.  By the way, the lack of communication is a little frustrating and a little awkward but I am confident and very hopeful that will get better.

Dinnertime the kid GRUBS. I mean like really super duper grubs.  Last night Drew had to make dinner for everyone because I was at the Emergency Room with Stefanie (told you yesterday was an insane day) and then I had a meeting.  John came to relieve me at the ER and he stayed with Stef, and  Nacho went to school ,so Drew had to babysit and make sure everyone had dinner.  Anyways, Drew decided to grill some burgers.  He told me that he made a lot and there would be enough for us when we finally got home.  When I finally got home there weren't any burgers left.  Drew told me that Young ate 3 hamburgers and a hot dog! I'm thinking "no way"...but yep, he really did.   So I'm not sure if he isn't eating lunch so he's starving by dinnertime or if he just likes to eat a lot for dinner.

By the way, Stefanie was fine.... she was dizzy. They didn't really find anything and ended up sending her home. She felt better today so that's good.

I thought we had made progress on the whole playing basketball in the pajamas thing.   I was mistaken. Again.  Drew, Nacho, John, and Stefanie all told me that Young went out to play basketball in his silk pajamas again yesterday (at around 4 in the afternoon).  Ok, so I know after my post about pajamas some people thought I should lighten up, but really people, It's so not ok with me that he is wearing silk pajamas with short shorts, that look pretty feminine at that, playing basketball in my driveway in the front of my house in a neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic, at 4 in the afternoon. Sorry if you disagree.  I wouldn't let my kids do it, no way, no how.   Drew said that they got home from school today and Young immediately changed into the pajamas and went outside to play basketball again.  John said he said something about the pajamas yesterday but it didn't do any good.  So I need pajama intervention....... I will keep you posted....

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