Friday, August 17, 2012

First day of school

Today is Young's first day of high school in the USA. I totally feel like I just sent off my child for his first day of kindergarten.

I packed his lunch for school, a peanut butter & jelly sandwich, cheese-its, a small applesauce, a twinkie, and some water.  (He will only drink water, he says everything else is unhealthy).

I think I made Drew want to shoot me this morning. The conversation went something like this:
Me:    "Drew, make sure Young eats breakfast"
Drew:  "Ok mom" (said sarcastically)
Me:   "Drew, make sure he knows exactly where to meet you after school and when"
Drew:  "Ok mom" (said even more sarcastically)
Me:     "Drew, make sure Young takes his lunch. It's right here, I made it for him. Do you want me to make your lunch too?"
Drew:  "Ok mom. And you haven't made my lunch like EVER. I make it myself. I'm fine" (he said this while he was making his lunch)
Me:   "Ok Ok.   I'm leaving for work. Bye".
Drew:   thinking to himself:  Get the HELL out of here you are driving me crazy"

I tell Young goodbye and let him know I'm leaving for work.

I leave, and call Drew on the way out of the driveway..

Drew:  Answers phone "Really mom?"
Me:    Ignoring Drew's smart ass comment...."Drew, make sure Young remembers where his locker is and make sure he takes his black binder with him, it has his schedule and the combination to his locker on it."
Drew:  "OMG! OK MOM!"

So......... that's pretty much how the morning went.

Anxious to hear about how school went today!!

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