Friday, August 17, 2012

More experiences...

Young Lee had his first taste of Lasagna and he told me that he loved it :)  And no, it wasn't Stouffer's, I actually MADE the Lasagna.   We had Lasagna, broccoli, and rice.  He is used to eating rice for dinner so every night I put some in the rice cooker for him.   Drew took him to Taco Bell and he ate a chicken quesadilla.  More new foods to try out.  I think so far his favorite foods are tri tip and lasagna.

We went to the China 1 Restaurant in Orcutt. Young ordered all in Chinese and had a long conversation with the lady that worked there, which he seemed to enjoy.  He said that the sweet and sour chicken that John was eating is more from North China than where he lives (near Shanghai).   Young ate everything on his plate so he either really liked it or he was extremely hungry.

St. Joes has a pretty strict dress code including the no facial hair rule, so I bought him a razor.  He didn't know how to use it so John went in and taught him how to shave. It was a father/son kind of moment.  So he is all clean shaven and ready for school.
Speaking of school, Young thinks that school being over by 3:00 pm is too early and he asked if he could stay longer every day. I think school is going to be quite a change for him and he will for the first time in his life have some free time.

Before coming to the USA, Young had never seen football.  I explained that we would be going to watch football at the school on Friday night. He asked if Drew was going to the game and I said that I thought he was. He asked me if dad was coming to the game and I said yes and he started smiling, because he thinks it's funny to watch John watch football on TV and yell at the TV. So he is ready for his very first football game.

Progress with the laundry. Young gave me all of his laundry and I washed and dried everything. I washed the silk pajamas on delicate and then hung them in the backyard to dry because I was so afraid of ruining them and I know they are his favorite things to wear.  The good thing is that because the pajamas were in the laundry he was outside playing basketball while wearing shorts and a tshirt :)

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