Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Catching up....

Haven't blogged for a few days...been a little bit busy!

Saturday August 25th we drove down to Camarillo to visit our son Jordan, his girlfriend Savannah, and their baby girl Naveah, plus bro and sis in law Ed and Heather.  It was a good visit and our lil granddaughter Naveah is SOOOOO cute!!

Young Lee came with us to Camarillo. I'm sure he was totally bored out of his mind. I TRIED, like really tried to get him to buy some more clothes for school and for just hanging out around the house but he wasn't budging.  We stopped at Burlington Coat Factory in Ventura where any teenager could have a field day getting some legit clothing at an awesome price.  Young paced back and forth while John and I shopped around a little bit.  I found some shorts that are similar to the ones Young likes to wear almost every day and pointed them out to him but he was not interested in the least bit.  He said "I don't need clothes".  So I left it at that.  But... his spider man swim trunks and his white shirt with the fish on it are going to get worn out very soon from him wearing them so much.  What can I say, I tried......

We had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and he loved them.  Another "first" for him to try.

On Sunday we grilled steaks for dinner. I'm telling you this kid LOVES to eat beef. Like REALLY LOVES to eat beef!  I think he could totally survive on beef, rice, and cheese.

Most of the day on Sunday we were glued to the computer as we tracked Stef & Drew's dad John and his wife Stacy as they completed an IRONMAN in Louisville Kentucky! Totally insane, right??  We tracked them with a GPS tracker online and even got to watch the live camera of the finish line and we saw them both finish.  It was really cool to see their progress all day long and actually be able to see them finish.  Quite an accomplishment and holy moly I can't even begin to imagine swimming 2.5 miles, biking 110 miles, and THEN running 26 miles.  They are definitely insane.  We are really proud of them!

I so totally stole these pictures from their facebooks. I'm sure they won't mind....
And in case you were wondering...or even if you weren't wondering, I'll tell you anyways, the ex husband John and my husband John and me and Stacy are good friends.  They even came and spent Christmas with us this past year, which was great. It's very cool.... We always have a great time when they come visit!

Monday was a good day. WHY you ask??????
Via pajama intervention from two very nice people, Young Lee realized that playing basketball outside in silk pajamas probably isn't the proper thing to do.  So he has been wearing his shorts and tshirt and seems to be just fine.  You just don't know how happy I am about this.. no...like I'm serious. I'm really happy.

And... Young Lee told me that he needs to talk to me more (thanks Tom!) and he has really been trying.  I found out that he wants two PB & J sandwiches, a water, and a bag of chips in his lunch and all of the other goodies I have been putting in there he really doesn't want.  I had to practically pry it out of him but at least I got the info.

It's Tuesday night now and Young is doing homework. He still struggles with his English class and his religion class and history class are also tough for him.  He had a history test today and he said he answered each question so hopefully he did good. 

We had meatball sandwiches and a zucchini tomato bake (thank you Pinterest for the recipe) tonight and again this was something Young had never tried before. I know he liked the meatballs and I'm not sure about the zucchini but he ate some.  It probably ended up in the trash can too but at least he was willing to try it :) 

Drew totally ditched us all for Taco Tuesday and another night at the casino with a friend who is going away to college later this week.  I'm sure he will come home pissed off again, and broke. Duh.

So that's what's up with the Lee's for the past few days.   Stay posted to see what new things we force upon Young Lee in the next few days....

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