Friday, August 24, 2012

More "firsts" - including seeing whales!

This evening we took Young Lee to the Hartford Pier/Port SLO Harbor in Avila Beach.  To say the traffic was insane was an understatement.  The national coverage of the whales in the harbor has attracted hundreds of people to the beach. Like, literally HUNDREDS of people....  We drove past Avila a little bit and met my BFF Julie at the Hartford Pier where we could actually find parking and a place to eat.

Young Lee seemed amazed at all of the birds.  The pelicans were totally insane, there were what seemed like a thousand of them flying around, dive bombing the water, and flying everywhere!  I took a picture of Young Lee standing by one of the pelicans

Young also saw his first glimpse of a seal.  He has never seen a seal before so this was totally fascinating. The seals were all playing, barking, and swimming around everywhere....he seemed mesmerized by them.  It's so cool watching someone see all of this stuff for the first time!

We ordered some food from this awesome little shack on the pier and all of the sudden Julie spotted a humpback whale.  So AWESOME!   Young Lee had his eyes glued to the ocean and we all ran over to the edge of the pier and waited for it to surface again.  It came up several times and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing it over and over again.  Young Lee also spotted dolphins, something else he had never seen before except on TV.

The sun was setting and it was getting cold so we decided to call it an evening and head on home.  This picture is just of the crazy pelicans.  I love this pier, it's one of my favorite places to go in our area.

John had to have his after dinner sweet snack so he bought Young Lee and himself a snickers bar.  Young insisted on posing for the picture while eating the snickers bar lol.

So glad that my BFF Julie was able to come and meet up with us!

All in all it was a great evening and once again I am reminded how blessed we are to be living in Paradise.  We live where other people come to vacation.  We have so many awesome things to do and to see here!

And.. Young Lee had a wonderful time.  I'm so happy we are able to take him places and show him so many things he has never seen before!


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